She was born to Chigasaki-city,kanagawa-pref in Japan.

She was touched off by the music scene experienced during university enrollment in school in Britain of a studying-abroad place, and wakes up to the" music".
Lyrics composition is begun by the self-education after a homecoming to Japan, And the her band activity is carried out, and a live event etc.
participates all over the country.
Radio DJ also takes the part in the side and at FM each station.
*The 99 years :
5th Chigasaki music festival Grand Prix award
*The 99 years :
6th Japan Open music award festival Participation
It becomes acquainted with various musicians for 99 - 01 years, and the
width of activity is expanded further.
Solo artist activity started in 2001.
2002 formal starting!! Her activity attracts attention with the tv show and the magazine of Japan.
2006 Activity restart.
Nationality Japan
Birthplace Chigasaki-city,Kanagawa
Date of birth 7ENov.
Constelation Scorpion
Blood-type A
Hobby Travel
Horseback riding